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Knocked out another simple weekend project. This is just a stompbox switch routing a signal one of two ways. When combined with a splitter cable, this can be used to turn on or off an entire signal chain. I find this really useful for switching my gain stage on and off (which is typically a Tube Screamer, followed by either a Big Muff or a Rat, followed by an EQ that I use for tuning mids and matching levels). For more complicated channel mixing there’s my splitter pedal, but for hard switching between to signal paths this is much simpler.

This is a great 101 circuit to start with if you’re just getting into stompboxes. I imagine just about everyone started with one of these; I made one back in high school which unfortunately got lost to time. You can use basically anything for an enclosure; in this case I used a metal box that held a pair of slides I got on Amazon. The hardest part is drilling holes for the parts into the enclosure; I don’t have large enough drill bits so I had to use a file to open the holes the rest of the way.