Documenting my work at the intersection of technology and music.

Hi, I’m Julien. I’m a hobbyist music technologist. I document some of my active and past projects here. I also host a lot of datasheets and other resources that might be useful to other hobbyists. You can find me on other parts of the internet here.

You can also see a lot more past, mostly software projects, on my Github profile. And if you need it, my professional resume.

Active Projects


2023-12-18 Albums of the Year - 2023

2023-12-10 Fourth Strike Song Jam 2023

2023-08-04 Goodbye, FIXD

2023-05-29 CV-MIDI clock converter

2023-05-28 NiftyKeyz mod: smaller jack board

2023-04-24 Another cover

2023-02-19 Modest Mouse cover

2023-01-07 Switchbox

2022-12-22 Albums of the Year - 2022

2022-08-13 Loop pedal clock output

2021-03-13 Gameboy VST plugin

2020-05-25 Eurorack breadboard power adapter

2020-03-28 Transistor matcher

2020-03-15 Headphone breakout board