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Custom Eurorack Synth modules

This is a collection of custom synthesizer modules designed around the Eurorack standard.

The goal is to design these from scratch; I can use textbook and datasheet example circuits, and I can look at other circuits for ideas and inspiration, but I’m not cloning an existing circuit but instead coming up with my own designs.

Some of these modules are emulated in Max MSP to preview how the circuits will sound.


This is a work in progress; different modules are at different stages of development.

Modules Status Source Code
CLK PCB Design GitHub
VCA PCB Design GitHub
ADSR Schematic GitHub
VCO Schematic GitHub
VCF Schematic GitHub
UTIL Needs revision GitHub


In the process of building these modules, I’ve also built some tools to assist.


This project is hosted on Github. The repository goes back quite a long way, evolving out of coursework from GT ECE 4893 Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis with Dr. Lanterman.

In the spirit of the open-design movement, all source code is licensed under the permissive MIT license, and circuit designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.



Eurorack is a loose standard for small modular synthesizers. It uses:

In addition, I’m targeting:

Common Design Components